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Exhibitionist Mental Contagion
Featured Visual Artist • Installation

Mari Richards Minneapolis, Minnesota • Website

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Artist's Statement

" Revolting” Bodies
How do we live in our bodies? I am trying to delve deeper into the daily experience of being in a body, reacting to the limits, edges, and borders that it uses to restrict our lives, movements, experiences, and interactions. Our body is the intermediary that allows us to experience the world around us, yet the limits it can place on our existence can be extreme. Bodies are continually out to sabotage us, rioting and revolting at our attempts to manage them. Instead of a harmonious connection between mind and body, there exists a tenuous truce that can flare at any moment. Illness and age thwart our attempts at perfection of body and of experience, which would have led to a perfect life. In my work I’m exploring the inside and outside of this experience. Searching for a slightly farcical, overwhelming, exploded world can describe and contemplate the situation in which we constantly remain.