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Mixed-media • The Chair Series Whitney Gilbert-Clarkson

Whitney Gilbert-Clarkson • Berthoud, Colorado

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Artist's Statement

I like to create symphonies of objects and textures that captivate the senses. The process begins in two-dimensions and expands into three. I will start with an idea, then through experimentation and accident, end up with a piece that was only slightly in my control.

My artwork has been influenced from my past career as a multimedia artist designing digital web interfaces and 2D/3D animated pieces for CD-ROMs and the Internet. I use a wide range of media, including cast metal sculpture, lino-cut prints, found objects, photography, fabric transfer, and painting. I am endlessly experimenting with new media to add to my toolbox.

Currently, I am exploring the theme of the chair. What is the significance of the chair? Some of the world’s greatest discoveries – inventions, ideas, creations, etc. – took place while their creator sat in a chair. Yet the chair can also be a place of relaxation and enjoyment – a nap, a conversation with a friend, a good book. My work honors this homely piece of furniture; we must not take the chair for granted.