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Amy Rice • Minneapolis, MN

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Amy Rice is a founding member of Ministry of Art, an Elliot Park based arts collective formed with a mission to "organize and work together to promote each other's creative endeavors and improve our community through the collective process." (2002) She is also a member of Rosalux Gallery, an artist collective located in Minneapolis' Riverfront District.  Its mission is to provide a commercial exhibition space for its member artists. (2004)
Amy's work has appeared in "Screaming in Tongues", Loft Literary Center, 2004, Poetry Chap Book. She was a featured artist in "Fly East She Said", Plum Ruby Review Vol. 1 Issue 5 November, 2004 and was the LP cover artist for"Murzic", Murzic Music, Released November 2004.

Artist's Statemnet

Most of my work is created using large plastic stencils that I design and cut myself. Often 3-4 different layers (each layer representing a different color) are needed to complete an image. I will sometimes cut a stencil of just an outline of an image and use watercolors, acrylics or house paint to color it in. Although this medium is basically a form of printmaking, I have the freedom to experiment with color, surface texture, and grouping of objects and thus mood and tone, making each piece unique. As an art instructor/advocate for adults with severe and persistent mental illness, I am a true believer in the powerful healing tool that art can be. I am inspired in my life and in my art by the struggles and successes of my clients. I am additionally inspired by the urban community in which I live, childhood toys, vintage botanical prints, my dog Ella, bicycles, street art, and random found objects, collective endeavors that challenge hierarchy, acts of compassion, downright silliness and things with wings.

Grow flowers.
Ride a bike.
Love an animal.
Learn something new.
Find your wings.
Make art of it all.