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Ernest Williamson III, discovered his loves for painting and playing the piano at the age of 19. He has earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Memphis as well as the M.A. in English from the University of Memphis. Ernest is currently a doctoral student in the field of Higher Education at Seton Hall University. He is a verstile artist who has had poetry published in over 20 poetry magazines both in online and print journals.

The Chords of Life's Journey

the moon dove past the doldrums in New Guinea
all was a blur
grays meddling with capers
orange and brown
yellowed corners in the ionosphere
I saw the orbits of Pluto
after the beer from Milwaukee subdued my pain
though as I lay in the Alabama sun
courting my interests in red ants
my eyes dilate
and as the fringed beacons in their tirades
scream silently
against and for flesh
I empathize with food
yet worms seem not to be weary
of my destine transformation
a man with health
to flesh with nothing poetic to say
but I do say
with the winds in my nostrils
all is of interest
even the ignorance of being
less than
what people
imagine themselves to be

Blue Collar Emotions

how is it only perfume
a mere dusting of heaven
curing my sulky bruises
caused by glass cement and coal
it is much more
your scent your music
in my memories
assuaging my hell
flickering as blinking eyes
sometimes rapidly
sometimes slowly
more calculated recollections
and you sometimes say
I know you
I'd love to know you.

A Line in the Sand

thinking of Arnold's Dover Beach
a numb reality taken aback by
the unwavering wind
the consistent existence of death
floating from the ideal to the grave
but I've fallen in love with a new
a beacon of rigorous hope
more pristine than a dream
and more resolute than cessation
here I've drawn a line in the sand
one side is to live for life
the other is to learn how