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Jennifer Davis
Rosalux Gallery Portfolio

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Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement Collecting found images is an obsession for me. I am inspired by the satisfaction that I get from combining paint with images torn from magazines and newspapers and giving them new life. Painting is a daily ritual for me and by finishing most of my works in one sitting I am able to use art as a journal for my ideas, experiences and memories. There is little or no planning involved in any of my works, rather they develop specifically through the artmaking process. The narratives become apparent through cutting, pasting and painting. Making art is a release for me. It is my hope that others will find humor, calm and wonder in my images which may then spark their own imaginations.


Jennifer Davis has lived all of her life in Minnesota. She discovered her passion for painting and drawing at the University of Minnesota in 1996 and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1998. Jennifer has shown her work in several galleries around the Twin Cities and has been a member of Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis since November 2002.

Rosalux Gallery Portfolio