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Art, Literature, Film
Craig VanDenBosch

Current Exhibition
Craig VanDenBosch
April 1st - April 30th, 2004

Opening Reception
April 1st 6-10pm

Rosalux Gallery
1011 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
612.747. 3942
Artist's Statement
There is virtually no escaping the influence of technology on our daily actions and interactions. This series of work is a commentary on how technology affects our lives; it is a reflection on it, neither positive nor negative. Technology is simply a fact. Some tend to depict the integration of humanity and technology as a fearsome prospect, others see it as a forced evolution - humanity acting as a demigod.
None of these perspectives matters here. The reality of technology is upon us. What I am curious about is this inevitability. I liken these pieces to modern day cave paintings: loose suggestive and narrative. On another level, I compare some of the designs to the inner workings that could possibly be found under the lens of a microscope. A random, yet controlled expression like leaves scattered on the floor of a forest, comfort among chaos.

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