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Art, Literature, Film
S. Nees

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S. Nees drawings in sumi ink

Suzanne Nees is a studio-trained artist living in Blacksburg, Virginia. Self-taught in 2D media, she began experimenting in sumi ink while learning stone sculpture in rural Japan in the 1990's. Her narrations are infused with a bittersweet humor, and incorporate haiku and story fragments with images of angels, dragons, spirits, monsters, mutants, women and little girls, all of whom share an inner life which is completely at odds with reality.

Her characters alternate between rapture, wage slavery, desperate poverty, hyper-romantic love and magic as they navigate the dark and scary universe of modern alienation.

Satirical yet compassionate in nature, this work reflects a profound belief in individuality as well as a sharp impatience with cynical attitudes toward matters of intuition and faith.