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Inga Titova [Batik]

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Inga Titova was born in the city of Karpinsk (Bogoslovsk) of Sverdlovsk region. When a child, Inga entered the Blagoveschensk children's art school, where she was studying for five years. Her teacher was a wonderful and creative person, Valentina Vladimirovna Stegantseva. After the eighth form she studied at the Blagoveschensk pedagogical school No. 2, musical department, namely the class of an accordion and a piano, after which she worked at a secondary school as a teacher of music. In the early 90s she studied at the Art school of Vladivostok and had exhibitions in the cities of Vladivostok (Russia), Ludvigsburg, Kornvesteime, and Asperg (Germany).

She studied in the Design department at Amur State University and was teaching painting to six-year old children at a private school within two years. The regional exhibition of children's works, in which Inga's pupils took part, was held in 1995.

Today Inga Titova is a free artist. Her works can be seen in private collections of Russia, Germany and China.

Exhibitions and Competitions:
The Admiralty Needle in St. Petersburg
Magic of Fashion 2001 in Blagoveschensk
The Far Eastern Theatre of Fashion in Khabarovsk