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Artist, Musician & Writer Exhibition & Interview

A glimpse into the work and life of Karen Kopacz. This month's "Exhibitionist" features the work of Mental Contagion's director and editor.

Let's Get Started (3.8 MB) written by La Paz. Recorded at The Terrarium by Jason Orris and Bryan Hanna.

Excerpts from "Into The Eye's Eclipse - A Journey from Agony to Bliss" a collection of poems.


Streams of unconscious monologues
Fell effortlessly from my lips,
Faithlessly, and yet I felt
Each utterance as fact,
While I had no constant
By which to compare these beatitudes.
Elixirs designed to save the soul
Flowed forth from my heart
And yet I had not swallowed,
I had, myself, not sipped
From the cup of my own love.

That sky,
Like eyes unlit,
Was a reflection of the body.
That body,
Seduced by waste, unwant, and
Was a reflection of the soul.
That soul,
In a stalemate
With the reaper
Of my own hands,
Realized loneliness,
Abandonment actualized
But not by other men.

Should I attribute my own honor
To the proficiency of another?
Why then would my grievances
be the fault of other men?

It was I who dimmed the way for emptiness
Into the Grail of heart
Drained vein by vein by vein
I allowed love to slip away
And learned about a suicide of the soul.


I could hear the voices

Air-light and whispering

Across the plains of angels.

Beneath the diamond oils of my skin

Blankets of light skimmed my veins

Returning love to its origins.

A warmth, gold

And reflected by bliss,

Traveled from heaven to my heart.

A deep wind sounded

And I heard the breath of the Universe

Blown through a hollowed branch

In celebration of my arrival

From Earth to Infinity.

La Paz
Cakeopaz Design