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Photo by Pavel Romaniko

Visual Art
Photographer Pavel Romaniko Makes a Pilgrimage to His Past

January-February, 2008

Pavel Romaniko moved from Russia to the U.S. in 1997. In his frequent visits back to Pereslavl-Zalessky, where he grew up, he explores the country he left through the people who live in it.
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From the Director
Mental Contagion Welcomes Two New Features and Shifts to Publishing Bimonthly

January-February, 2008

Mental Contagion's new design is finally here, and has adapted to a bimonthly schedule, publishing distinctive and well-crafted content 6 times per year.

New Features
New features include perspectives on dance and performance in Call & Response by choreograher Emily Johnson, and insight on best practices for achieving professional goals for artists and writers in Creative's Field Guide.

Support the Arts
Donor's can make a contribution to support production and organization growth initiatives.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the January-February issue!

Art & Environment
A Cornfield Grows in L.A.

January-February, 2008

Team member and "Not A Cornfield: History, Site, Document" editor Janet Owen Driggs shares insight on Lauren Bon's grand scale public art project Not A Cornfield in Los Angeles.
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Articles by Experts
Writing a Biography for the Creative Professional

January-February, 2008

Karen Kopacz of Design for the Arts shares insight on how to write an effective biography.
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Featured Writer
Life Sans Spirit Animal

January-February, 2008

What will happen when Brent accidentally kills his own spirit animal. Does he lose perspective? Gain perspective? Does anything happen at all? One thing is for sure, he killed it.
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Dance & Performance
On Dance & Performance: An Introduction

January-February, 2008

Choreographer Emily Johnson of Catalyst speaks to the importance of performance.
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Literary Series: Essay
Upon Singing Amazing Grace

January-February, 2008

Wendy Lewis brings her rural journeys and city escapades to the table for all to devour. Illuminated and imperfect, this feast is all about the guests, chance encounters, the landscape and life.
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Literary Series: Fiction

January-February, 2008

Gene Dillon receives email from his future self, talks to the Sasquatch, and engages in epic battles with clouds. In a fusion of fiction and personal essay, only he knows which is which—and even that is in question.
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Literary Series: Poetry
Intermission - On My Road

January-February, 2008

Dean Pajevic jams a crowbar into his heart, pries back the planks and writes about what he sees. And then he gives you a pair of 3-D glasses.
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